Four T Production’s Rules •
updated: 10/20/2022
FEES, $15.00 One Time Processing Fee Per Rider,
$10.00 One Time Late Fee Per Rider if after Pre Entry Deadline.
NSF FEE: $35.00 •
PRE-ENTRIES- Can pay with a Cashier's check, money order, Credit Card or Personal Check~ payable to FOUR T PRODUCTIONS.
All late entries received after the draw has been posted will be placed at the bottom of the draw. CASH or CREDIT CARD (5% PF) ONLY for late entries at the show.
• MUST BE READY!!!!! – Contestants MUST check in with the Gate Worker in the holding pen 5 contestants before their run, there is one gate to enter the arena and one exit of the back.
NO ENTRY ALLOWED FROM THE BACK or your run will be DQ. You must be in the holding pen by time the tractors are out of the arena. The calls of the gate worker are the official call to the contestant. Contestant’s name will be called by the gate worker three times. If the contestant has not identified himself/herself to the gate worker by the third call you will be disqualified.
RIDER CHANGE- Rider swaps will not be allowed under any circumstances • DRAW OUT- A draw out refund for entry fees, stall fees, shavings and RV fees, less the processing fees will be granted to qualifying contestants for vet outs and or doctor excuses PRIOR TO PRE DRAW! You must provide a form from your vet or a Dr. Excuse. Refunds will be mailed within two (2) weeks after the date of the show.
NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER PRE-DRAW IS POSTED. Your welcome to sell your Stalls & Rv spots BUT must summit change to the office.
* HORSE SUBSTITUTION- You may substitute one horse for another with a $10 Fee. If this is an average race any prior runs with original rider will not qualify for an average time.
• Run Formats - Will be run in a 5D format on all races. (Open & Youth). • We will be running a Multi-Race this year which means OPEN AND YOUTH WILL BE IN SAME DRAW BUT STILL DIFFRENT RACES. Youth will still have the option to roll over to open race. They will just run together to give more time to space out our youth riders that are running multiple horses.
1D = fastest time of the race,
2D = fastest time of the race plus 0.500 second
3D = fastest time of the race plus 1.000 second,
4D = fastest time of the race plus 1.500 seconds,
5D = fastest time of the race plus 2.000 seconds.
• YOUTH AGE: Is 13 years and under as of January 1st, of present calendar year
*Show Proof of Birthday at entry table*!
• FUTURE FORTUNES (FF) INCENTIVES: $10,000 Added Open 4D Incentive side pot, All incentives must run in the Open 5D race for your time to roll over into your chosen side pot. FF contestants must have a copy of registration papers and filled out FF form submitted to entry office for horse to be entered into this incentive. Future Fortunes will payout $$$$$’s. • ROLL OVERS – Youth has the option to roll over their time from the youth run into the open. You must check the RO box. Age Incentive Side-pots – You must check the appropriate age Incentive Side-pot.
• PAYOUT % ~ 75% of all entry fees and 100% of all added money.
* CHECK IN- Upon arrival please take the time to check in with our office personal. There you will get your RV & STALL unlocked. All contestants should also confirm their draw position.
* STALL/RV - Beauregard Parish Arena allows TIE OUTS in designated areas. Four T Production is not reasonable for your horse/s getting loose or injured. NO Tying horses in the alleyway of the barn’s..
YOUR HORSE WILL GET LOCKED IN A STALL AND YOU WILL NEED TO PAY OFFICE FOR THAT STALL IF YOU TIE TO LOCKED STALLS IN ALLEY WAYS. Stalls will be pre-assigned. All stalls are sold with 1 bag of shavings per facility rules.
• RV's are available in 30amp or 50 Amp
NOTE: All Stalls and Rv spaces are pre-assigned. If you would like to be stalled or parked in a group, we ask that ONE PERSON reserves all of the stalls and RV spaces or all pre entries/perreservations be mailed in the same envelope. Otherwise, your requests may not be met.
• DOGS: All dogs must be on a leash, if your dog is barking we will ask you to remove the dog from the area. • DRESS CODE - Contestant must wear jeans and boots or heel down shoes. (Dress Appropriate)!
• SPORTSMANSHIP - All contestants and their family members are always expected to display good sportsmanship. No level of abuse toward any animal or human at Four T Productions event will be allowed. • VENDORS - There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds, in stalls or at trailers without a vendor contract with Four T Productions
• Vendor fees will be $150.00 for 10x10 weekend rate or $55.00 per day rate.
• ENTERING ARENA- FOUR T PRODUCTIONS will have a Holding Pen. Each contestant MUST enter the holding pen during the drag before the run and check in with the gate worker. Once the first contestant in that drag exits the holding pen, NO ONE else will be allowed to enter the holding pen. Once you exit the holding pen, you have 60 seconds/ 3 gate calls to break the plane of the alley in a forward motion. If you do not break the plane of the alley within 60 seconds and or in a forward motion you will be disqualified. WE WILL BE RUNNING TO A CLOSED GATE! *For safety reasons of everyone* • Time begins when the contestant crosses the starting line • Only one horse in the arena, or alleyway at any time during competition unless you ask another contestant to help you get into the arena. You must contain forward motion once you break the mouth of alley way. NO circling in arena!
• No Time’s will be given to any contestant for the following reasons:
*If the contestant circles their horse after entering the arena. Must keep forward motion once breaking the plane of the arena.
*If the contestant breaks the pattern. *If the contestant runs out of turn. It is the contestant’s responsibility to know their draw position number.
*If the contestant knocks over a barrel. A no time will also be given if a barrel is knocked over and it sets up again on either end. Touching a barrel, including keeping it from falling is permitted without penalty. *If the contestant’s horse or if the contestant falls during their run in such a manner to break the pattern or if the contestant falls off their horse. *If contestant is unable to get their horse in the arena in the 60 second time limit.
*If contestant breaks any rules in the Four T Productions rule book this can result in a disqualification! • ENTRIES- A horse may not be shown by more than one person unless: Both contestants are members of the same immediate family (husband, wife, children/grandchildren). In no case will the same horse be run more than twice in the same barrel race. Unless it is the families only horse and neither contestant is showing any other horse in that race.
• RE-RUNS- shall be granted if the timers fail to work properly or if the barrels are not placed properly on their markers. Any penalty incurred on the original run shall not be applied against the rerun; however, any penalty occurring on the rerun shall result in a no time.
• Tied Times - If any contestant times are tied, the prize money will be split equally. A flip of a coin between the tied contestants will determine the tie for any awards.
• Exhibitions- will be $5.00 each and will have a one (1) minute time limit. A $5.00 fine for each exhibition over one (1) minute will be applied. We will cut off exhibitions at times given. Show will start on time. If they shut off exhibitions and you did not get to use your tickets we will offer after show exhibitions  Saturday night only for pre purchased only.
• CHECK RETURN- There will be a $35 service charge on all NSF checks from the bank for any reason. If a check is not replaced with a cashier’s check or money order within 10 days after the check is dated, the contestant will be put on the ineligible list.
• PHOTO RELEASE-Contestant hereby irrevocably grants full permission for 4t productions , LLC or others affiliated with and authorized by 4 T Productions to use and publish any photographs, video tapes, or movies taken of contestant at the event, even if such use and publication is for commercial or promotional purposes.
• PARKING: No parking in designated fire lanes. Please do not block the stall aisles. No generating in Sold Rv parking areas. Unless it’s your paid RV spot.
• EQUISTAT- All contestants entering should enter under the horse(s) register name so that we can report their earnings to Equistat.
• AWARDS-The contestant does not have to be present to receive awards, but awards will not be shipped. If a contestant has left the premises before collecting their awards, he/she may either designate a person to pick up the awards for him/her or decide to collect the awards at another event. If awards are not picked up after 6 months, then they will be donated back to the show for silent auction items.
• CHECKS- Four T Productions will issue checks; and winner will have 30days to cash the check or it will be no good.
How Hard Can It Be? Significant others Barrel Race; (Husband's, Dad's, Brother's, Son’s, Best Guy Friend). You must ride your significant other's barrel horse. All other rules apply. Any issues not covered by the written rules of Four T Productions will be addressed with show management and such decisions will stand as a rule. Any questions or disputes which may arise during Four T Productions event not covered by the above rules will be decided and settled by FOUR T PRODUCTIONS management and all decisions will be final. Four T Productions Management reserves the right to change or adjust any rules as deemed necessary